Client Testimonial – Mr. & Mrs. Willis

Mrs. Willis: We were looking for some legal representation on a legal matter. We ended up meeting with Josh Mitchell.

Mr. Willis: The first meeting with Josh was basically, I can always judge an individual by their handshake, and in my background I deal with a to of people, a lot of my clients that I dealt with in negotiating contracts and so forth. In the negotiating contract, in negotiating contracts, you have to really have a feel of that individual who you’re negotiating with. And, having that feeling, that handshake that I got from Josh, it was a handshake of confidence, and to know that this young man, he has confidence in what he’s doing, and by that token that gave me an assurance that I felt comfortable with.

Mrs. Willis: Personable, professional, honest, trustworthy, knowledgeable. We just think it’s a great firm, and everybody that we’ve ever encountered that’s a part of the firm has always been personable and professional, and very welcoming.

Mrs. Willis: Our initial consultation, we met with him that morning. He kind of informed us as to what direction we would be going in.

Mr. Willis: During the process of filing and so forth, he asked immediately after the filing if you have any other concerns or any other problems feel free to call us. Feel free to most definitely, and that’s the type of follow-up I like, you know. To have the doors still open, you know, if we have any more questions, any concerns, feel free to call.

Mrs. Willis: It wasn’t like once you paid your money, that was the end of it. Like Richard said, you are afforded the opportunity to call. Even now if we have questions, and this is well after we’ve completed the process, we can pick up the phone and call Josh, and ask him any question that we need to be answered. Or, if we’re unsure about something, that they were absolutely affordable, reasonable, willing to work with you.

Mr. Willis: Yes.

Mrs. Willis: Based on my experience and my husband’s experience, we were totally satisfied when we felt like they did what they said that they were going to do, and the outcome for us was, you know, perfect.