Ways to Seek Emotional and Physical Support in a Divorce

Going through a divorce can take both a physical and emotional toll on anyone. However, it is something you might need to do because the relationship with your former partner did not work out the way that you initially expected. When you walked down the aisle on your wedding day, exchanged meaningful vows, and looked at your partner in his or her face before officially getting married, you probably never expected to end up in this position, watching your marriage come to an end. If you tried tirelessly to get things to work without much success, you have probably concluded that the only way for things to get better for you is to divorce your partner.

Now that you are working on getting out of your marriage, you will likely begin to experience a wide range of emotions. It is normal to feel a lot of different things, such as feelings of depression, insomnia, and even difficulty eating. You might not have an appetite, or you might suddenly want to eat everything in sight. These are just a few things that can happen when you are going through a divorce. Knowing how to seek emotional and physical support during the  divorce process is important because this will help you get through this trying time.

Try Meeting With a Counselor

The first thing you should do is find a counselor who you can start meeting up with regularly. One of the reasons you may have decided to get a divorce is because you wanted to go to marriage counseling with your partner to discuss problems but he or she refused to go. When one person in the marriage is not committed to fixing problems, those problems will only continue to get worse. While there is no reason to go to marriage counseling anymore, you can still benefit from meeting with an individual counselor for regular one-on-one sessions.

While you are talking to the counselor, you may want to go over the mixture of emotions you are experiencing and discuss how to cope with those emotions in a healthy way. Learning healthy coping mechanisms is important because you do not want to fall into bad habits to deal with the sadness that you are currently feeling. It may feel good for you to talk with a non-judgmental person who cares about your feelings and wants to see you make forward progress. The counselor will listen to you when you need to talk and will even provide advice that can make a difference in your life.

Confide in Trustworthy Friends and Family

When you are feeling down, it helps to have a few good friends and family members in whom to confide. While you may not want everyone to know all your business, there are a select few people who might be worth talking to, such as your sibling, best friend, or even one of your parents if you have a close relationship with them. Rather than keeping your feelings all bottled up inside of you until you eventually start to explode because of everything that you are going through, it is far better to spend time with those who love you. When you are surrounded by caring, loving people, you are naturally going to feel a bit better. Having positive people in your life could leave you feeling more optimistic about the future and all the goals you would like to achieve now that you are single and capable of doing anything you want to in life.

Get Involved in a Physical Activity

The best way to stay healthy during a divorce is to get involved in a physical activity that you can enjoy doing regularly. Although these activities are completely optional, they can do a lot of good for you. When you get involved in different types of physical activities, such as jogging, brisk walking, working out at the gym, or even joining a Zumba class, you are burning calories, building strength, and naturally eliminating some of your stress in a healthy way.

Those who exercise regularly tend to feel less depressed than those who do not. While exercising might not be your favorite thing to do, it can benefit you tremendously, which is why it is worth it to find a physical activity that you would like to do often. Whether you want to dance, go for a swim, or even do some aerobics at home while watching YouTube videos, you can do something that keeps you physically active while putting you in a better mood. You may feel even more encouraged to get involved in physical activities if you have a friend by your side who is willing to do them with you.

Take Care of Yourself

Now that you are getting out of your marriage, it is time for you to put yourself first. In the past, you may have neglected your own wants and needs because you were putting your partner’s wants and needs first. It is a good time for you to focus on taking better care of yourself. Start by visiting your doctor for a routine checkup, going to the dental office to get any dental work done, and making dietary changes to begin eating more healthily. Get rid of the junk food and stock the fridge and pantry with healthy selections that are tasty yet good for you.

Practice self-care as often as you can. Visit the spa for a relaxing massage, manicure, and pedicure. Go to the salon and get your hair done. Do things that are going to make you feel even better about yourself because you truly deserve it. Even if money is tight, you can still pamper yourself by creating a spa-like environment at home. Give yourself a facial, trim your nails, and soak your feet in soothing warm water with drops of essential oils and Epsom salts. If you start taking better care of yourself, you will likely feel a lot better both physically and emotionally.

The process of going through a divorce is tiring, difficult, and stressful at times. It can take a toll on your mental, emotional, and physical wellbeing. While it is not something you ever anticipated going through, now that it is happening, it is necessary for you to get as much physical and emotional support as possible. There are different ways to receive the support you need, such as visiting with a counselor, confiding in loved ones, participating in different physical activities, and doing things for yourself. You may feel like things are never going to get better, but you will get through the divorce with ease when you have a good support system.

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