Divorce is Not Easy: An Attorney can Alleviate Some of the Stress

Getting a divorce is not an easy thing for most people. It comes with a lot of emotions, stress, and frustration. The divorce process is not the easiest thing to get through, especially when former couples no longer get along and have a difficult time communicating with one another in an acceptable manner. When you are getting divorced, you need an attorney to handle many things for you. By hiring a skilled divorce attorney, you can get some relief from the stress of your divorce. It will bring you peace of mind to know that you have a legal professional in your corner to get you through the divorce proceedings.

Are You Eligible to Receive Spousal Support?

An attorney can go through all of the information provided to determine if you are eligible to receive spousal support from your ex. The attorney would need to find out if you are unable to afford the cost of living due to the separation and if your former partner has the means to afford to provide spousal support. Your attorney can let you know if spousal support is something you should request from your ex based on your circumstances. Many people are surprised to find they are eligible to receive support from their exes after divorce.

Legal Advice on the Best Approach to Take

When you consult with an attorney before you file for divorce, you can get professional legal advice on the best approach to take. You want to know how to go about things in the least dramatic and least stressful way possible. Many people make the mistake of rushing to start the filing process because they are fed up and ready to end the marriage. However, your attorney will provide guidance on the steps you need to take to successfully file for divorce while making sure your former partner gets served papers to make him or her aware of the situation.

Handle Mediation Sessions With Your Ex’s Attorney

Mediation is an important part of the divorce process. Most couples will need to compromise with one another while attending mediation with their attorneys present. The goal is to find equal ground, come to a fair agreement that works for both parties, and avoid going through a much lengthier process that involves having a judge make decisions for you. When couples cannot make decisions because they refuse to compromise with one another or attempt to work things out, a judge will often have the final say on who gets what. If you want to make sure that is not the way that things go during your divorce, you should always have your attorney present. Instead of bickering back and forth with your ex, the attorney can speak for you during the mediation process to help you reach an agreement with your ex that is ideal for you.

Some of the different topics that are commonly discussed between attorneys during mediation sessions include:

  • Spousal support payments. Both parties may agree to a specific amount where one person from the marriage is paying out a certain amount of money to the other person for a period of time.
  • Child visitation and custody agreements. When children are involved, the divorce is often even more stressful because both parties need to agree on a child custody and visitation schedule. It is important to try to talk these kinds of things out with your ex with help from your attorney to prevent a judge from making the custody arrangement for you without your input.
  • Division of property. Most married couples accumulate quite a bit of stuff throughout their marriage to one another. Not everyone agrees on how to separate that property. There is no guarantee that equitable distribution will occur. It is best for former couples to speak about their wants and needs during mediation because then they may come up with a fair agreement on the division of their property.

It is because of mediation that many former couples can solve issues outside of the courtroom. During mediation, your attorney would work hard to attempt to reach an outcome that works in your favor.

How to Separate Property in a Fair Way

When you are not sure what will happen to your property in your divorce, you can ask your attorney for professional advice. There are certain things that you might want to keep. If you are not sure how the distribution of property works and you do not know if you will have the opportunity to keep the things that you want, you should talk to your attorney. While there is no guarantee that you will keep all the property that you want, depending on your situation, your attorney will provide advice and insight on what can be done on your behalf to make the split as fair as possible.

Negotiate Child Custody Arrangements

Child custody arrangements are a big deal. You want to make sure you are getting enough time with the children in the aftermath of the divorce. When a marriage ends, not only are both parties impacted by the decision, but so are the children. It is important to provide a sense of normalcy for the children to get them through this time, especially if it is hard on them because they are old enough to understand that their parents are ending the marriage. Things are going to change for your children; they may now need to travel back and forth from one home to the next, attend a new school, move to a new home, and more.

When coming up with a custody agreement with your ex, always put the children first. It is something that your attorney would highly recommend. Consider what is best for the children when attempting to get time with your children. Although you may want to spend all your time with your children, it is only right for your ex to have time with them, too. However, every situation is different. It is for that very reason that you need to hire a divorce attorney. You need to have someone who will listen to your custody preferences while providing you with the best legal advice for your situation.

Preparing to Get a Divorce? Make Sure You Have a Divorce Attorney on Your Side

Getting divorced is often hard on the entire family. Whether you were married for a few years or a few decades, the divorce can take its toll on you, your former partner, and your children. Because of all the different things that must be negotiated during a divorce, it is necessary for you to hire an attorney who can help. Your attorney can do a lot of things to make this process less stressful for you, such as speaking on your behalf during mediation sessions, providing you with genuine legal advice, and making sure you can reach an ideal outcome without experiencing so much frustration. If you are ready to file for divorce and you need an attorney to help, Bouloukos Oglesby & Mitchell would like to help. We want to get you through the divorce proceedings without the added stress. Consult with us for free by calling our office at 205-351-0800 or completing the contact form on our website.