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The law firm of Bouloukos, Oglesby & Mitchell handles the legal areas of domestic law which include separation, divorce, and child custody. We always recommend that couples having marital difficulties seek counseling and try their best to work things out.

Sometimes, however, couples reach a point in their relationship which leads to separation and sometimes divorce. If you are in such a situation it is often a good thing to seek professional advice regarding the implications of the decisions you make.

Because we do not charge for an initial consultation, we feel it is a wise decision to come and talk with us about all of your options prior to making any decisions. A no obligation consultation can enlighten you and reveal all that you can expect when navigating the legal system.

Don’t Trust Just Any Birmingham Attorney To Help With Your Family Law Issues

A divorce is one of the most difficult situations you may experience in your lifetime. The stress and uncertainty you face are unsettling. You need to be able to rely on an experienced, assertive but compassionate family law attorney who understands you and your situation.
At the Law Office of Bouloukos, Oglesby & Mitchell, we understand what is at stake when you are dealing with family-related legal matters in Alabama. This is why we are dedicated to providing our Birmingham clients with knowledgeable and supportive family legal assistance.

Our Divorce Attorneys Fight For You!

We have a passion for the practice of law and the people it was meant to protect. We’ll help you fight and hopefully restore your faith in justice. The most rewarding moments of our job are the victories for clients. A good Birmingham divorce lawyer will help you end the bad marriage with a good divorce – one that will help you and your family begin a new and better day. We help families in the greater Birmingham area plan for their post-divorce issues, dealing with alimony, child custody, child support, and property division.

#1 Divorce Lawyer In Birmingham

Getting a divorce can be complicated and emotionally draining, which is why it is important to hire a capable and competent Birmingham Divorce Lawyer. Our job at Bouloukos, Oglesby & Mitchell we get the results that are best for both you and your children’s future.

This may be your first encounter with Birmingham’s court system, but our attorneys will educate you on the process, keeping you fully informed of your case’s progress and help you take the next steps. We pride ourselves on our commitment to educating our clients to make the best-informed decisions. We will give you direct answers to your legal questions so that you can make smart decisions about the issues that matter most.