Reasons You Should be Happy You are Filing for Divorce

Have you realized that your marriage is simply not working out? It was something that you may have been denied for a while because you love your partner and you wanted things to get better. You had hope for the future, you attempted to get the communication flowing between yourself and your partner, and you might have even spent a lot of time in therapy with this person while trying to attempt to overcome the many issues that were going on within the marriage. However, if nothing has improved over time and things only start to get worse, you are the one who may be ready to officially file for a divorce.

One thing you cannot do is continue to live with someone who does not respect you or communicate with you. If you have cheated on, lied to, disrespected, or possibly even ignored throughout the marriage by your partner, you have likely gone through enough emotional trauma to last a lifetime. Filing for divorce is the first step you can take to getting the fresh start you want, need, and are yearning for in life. Things will only start to get better for you from this moment on because you are finally making a decision that will benefit you.

You can Avoid Dealing With Your Former Partner’s Bad Habits

How many times have you been held accountable for things your partner has done simply because the two of you are married to one another? For example, your husband or wife may have applied for various credit cards, maxed those credit cards out without telling you, and got into some serious debt. When you are married to someone who is deep in debt, that debt is going to negatively impact you, as well. There is a chance that your partner may have put you both at risk of losing your home and other belongings because of his or her risky behavior.

Aside from no longer having to deal with your former partner’s debt when the divorce is finalized, you will no longer need to deal with other bad habits that this person might have. Your former partner may choose to drink too much, gamble too often, or even spend time arguing and belittling other for no reason at all. These are behaviors that you were likely tired of dealing with when you were in the marriage and now you can get away from all that toxic behavior. One of the best parts about getting divorced from a toxic individual is knowing that you will never have to subject yourself to that toxic behavior ever again if you do not want to.

You can Start Living for Yourself and Doing What You Love

Was your partner holding you back throughout the marriage? Even if you had a lot of goals that you wanted to achieve, your partner may have put you down and made you feel like you could never achieve those goals or do anything with your life. Unfortunately, some people do this because they want to have control over their husband or wife while preventing him or her from socializing with others and making positive, healthy changes. You were probably tired of feeling like you could not do things to better yourself, such as further your education, join a club, or get involved in new hobbies because your partner was putting you down for even thinking of doing those kinds of things.

When you get divorced, it is not always easy and there are times when you are going to want to cry, scream, or simply stay to yourself without talking to those around you because of all the emotions you feel. It is normal to feel a lot of different emotions, but once you get through the process, you will quickly realize that you finally have the chance to live for yourself and can start doing all the things you love.

Rather than answering to someone else and putting your dreams on hold for another person, you can start doing all the things that you personally feel you have missed out on over the years. If you want to go back to college, you can. If you want to switch careers because you hate your job and want something better, you can do it without feeling guilty and without answering to anyone else. Having a fresh start is refreshing to many people that are getting out of a toxic marriage that made it difficult for them to feel liberated.

You May Have More Opportunities to Save Money and Enjoy Life

In many marriages that end in divorce, there are often a lot of financial issues causing rifts between spouses. One partner may have bad spending habits while the other is always attempting to pinch pennies and save as much as possible. If you were the one who was always trying to save money while your partner was always out spending everything you both worked hard to earn, you will never have to experience that kind of problem again. You will have more opportunities to save the money you work for and you will not have to share it with someone who spends irresponsibly. When you are no longer always stressed about your finances, you will probably enjoy life a lot more.

Being able to save money means having more money to do the things that you like to do. Some of these things could include going out for a night on the town with your closest friends, getting a gym membership to use the equipment and work on your fitness, getting your hair done when you feel it is time for a cut or color change, and even investing in your future by purchasing a new home, new vehicles, and other things that are important to you. These are things that you might not have been able to get in the past because of your former partner’s bad spending habits and his or her decision to use the money for other things that were not nearly as important.

You No Longer Need to Suffer

If your partner was physically, mentally, or emotionally abusive, you have suffered long enough and should not have to suffer anymore. Filing for divorce means getting away from your abuser. Even if this person never put hands on you, that does not mean that you are not the victim of gaslighting tactics and narcissistic behavior. When your partner is putting you down, trying to tell you how to dress or what to wear, going through your phone, telling you not to talk to certain people, and calling you disrespectful names, he or she was being verbally abusive. In a situation like this, getting out of the marriage is the best thing you could do for your own mental health and well-being because you deserve to be happy and live a life without being put down by someone else.

Start the Divorce Filing Process

Even if you felt bad about the idea of filing for divorce, these are some of the reasons you should be happy that you are getting divorced. When you are unhappy, you do not have to stay in a marriage and continue to live a life that is miserable. You should be able to find happiness, even if that means leaving the one you are currently with because of his or her bad habits, lack of communication, infidelity, and even verbal abuse. No matter the situation, if you are not happy and have tried to work out without having any success, you need a divorce attorney to help you. Bouloukos Oglesby & Mitchell can help you get the filing process started. Call us at 205-351-0800 today to book your consultation.