Client Testimonial – Brenda K.

“I’ve tried other lawyers. They will not take the case. We first came here and we explained the case to him, I was trying to get guardian over my mom and conservator over her and we sort of explained the case. At the time she was living in Georgia and it was difficult for us to get anyone to take the case. They were saying she had to be back in Birmingham and he said, “Well, does she have property?” We say, “Yes.” He said, “Well, I can take that case. If she has property here, she lives here, I can take it.” It was like okay and we was excited and he went on to tell us what all we needed to do. He explained everything to us. Yes, very, if we had any question, he would answer the questions. Even if I called back and said, “I’m not quite sure about this,” and he will return my call promptly. Giving you the feeling of being at ease, not so [inaudible 00:00:55]. You feel very comfortable and relaxed, friend and like this is your next door neighbor. I just feel really relaxed with this firm and I’ve been to several firms that it was like, really ice like, okay.

But here I felt so comfortable, so relaxed. Went down to Georgia together, no problem. Brought her back to Birmingham, court, everything checked out just great, fine. But she is so happy. Everyday, she’s, “I’m so glad to be home. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.” She is so glad to be home and I’m so glad to have her home. You need to go to Mr. Oglesby. He’s great, very pleasant. You will feel at home and he would get the job done. They have always done what they said they were going to do. I’ve had no problems with it. They have done it and on time and everything. I will recommend him highly to all of my friends and whoever I come in contact with.”