Hassled by Creditors? Know Your Rights.

photo of a woman looking stressed out by a table full of bills

No one wants to fall behind on their bills, however, sometimes life is just not that kind and neither are some creditors. When you get behind on your bills and creditors begin calling, you can become very overwhelmed, quickly, due to their threats, phone calls to your employer and their manipulation tactics.

However, you do not have to succumb to their bullying and depending on your situation you may have options available to you. If you or a loved one are being harassed by creditors, it is in your best interest to contact an experienced Birmingham bankruptcy rights attorney so that we can strategize about the best possible outcomes for your situation.

The Rights of Debtors

Being bullied by creditors is against the law, depending on the behavior that they are engaging in. Though creditors have many avenues to pursue debt that is deemed legal, there are also many practices that they may engage in that are illegal.

These illegal tactics consist of:

  • Making threats
  • Contacting third parties or calling at odd hours of the day such as before seven a.m. and after nine p.m.
  • Making false statements about the debt that is owed such as the amount that is owed
  • The creditor continuing to contact you after you have obtained an attorney and notified the creditor of such

When these illegal tactics happen and you are constantly bullied by your creditors, there are ways to eliminate this behavior through the Federal Debt Collection Practices Act.

The Federal Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) protects debtors from abusive and invasive collection practices of debt collectors. Under this law, abusive practices in the collection of consumer debts are eliminated because under this act consumers are provided with an avenue for disputing debts and obtaining validation of debts as well as given ways to contact the pertinent person if a creditor has crossed that legal line. Because creditors can be very manipulative, you may not know whether their acts are illegal or not. Because of this, it is in your best interest to seek legal advice if you believe that you are being bullied by creditors.

Get Legal Help

Just because you are facing hard times does not mean that you should be bullied by creditors and this is against the law. Depending on your situation you may have options available to you. Because of this it is important to seek legal advice and representation. If you or a loved one have been bullied by creditors, it is in your best interest to contact an experienced Bankruptcy law attorney at Bouloukos, Oglesby & Mitchell to help you with your case. Contact our office for a free consultation today.