“David was referred to me by another lawyer who is doing some trademark work for us at work. Came highly recommended and he did an excellent job. David was real easy to talk to. Felt like he really cared about the case, really cared about my situation and gave me very good ideas on how to go forward with it. Always there to answer any questions. Very nice, outgoing, great in the courtroom. If he didn’t answer the phone when I called, he called me back within just a short period of time to talk to me about it, any questions I had. Most of the terms that he used were fairly simple. Most of them were very easy to understand but the ones that I did not understand, he easily explained them very quickly and easily for me. I would definitely recommend David again to anybody that’s going through the situation that I went through or any other situation that I think David might be able to handle. I would definitely recommend him. He’ll win your case if it can be won.”